Ephraim Fettie Benton … Producer

Jackie Rowe … Producer

Dana Dane … Producer

Laura Coefiled … Producer

Kimberly C. Fields … Producer

Kevin Flynn … Producer

Joseph C. Grant Jr .… Executive Producer

Robert Nance … Co-Executive Producer


Cherryl Davis … Assistant Director

Mellicent Dyane … Casting

John Pyatt … Director of Photography

Yush Lionsyard … Sound

About the writer, producer, director

Joseph C. Grant, Jr.

A native of Trinidad, Joseph C. Grant, Jr., grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, New York and is the youngest of 11 children. Creative and talented at a young age, he attended New York’s High School of Art & Design where he studied Art, Photography, and Media Production. After attending New York Technical College, for Marketing he would eventually return to his love of the Arts.

As a young man, Joseph was deeply influenced by the works of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas . Mesmerized by the creativity and captivating story telling of Star Wars, Jaws and Raiders of The Lost Ark, Joseph began his quest to create motion pictures. He would use his action figures as the actors and build storylines around them using his father’s Polaroid camera to make stop motion.

In 2004 he founded Ghetto Eyez Publishing and self published His first novel “To Live And Die In Bed-Stuy.” His Ghetto Eyez brand has also produced several film projects including “Honor Among Thieves” and the six-part cult classic “DA STUY.” Ghetto Eyez Publishing was the first community based, independent production company to premiere a film at Brooklyn’s Steiner Studios.

In 2007 Joseph founded the Arts To Literacy Initiative. Through his innovative Arts To Literacy programs, Joseph continues to teach filmmaking, self-publishing, as well as art, to at risk children of all ages throughout New York City and Miami

Over the years, Joseph has received considerable press and media attention for his Fine Arts and Community works. He has also been the recipient of numerous commissions and awards.

Currently Joseph serves as the Ambassador Of Arts and Culture for Bed-Stuy and Northern Crown Heights in Brooklyn. In addition he recently rapped production on “The Stuff.” A feature film written by and starting Robert Stapleton, Al Thompson, Gary Anthony Sturgis , Michael Blackson, Charli Baltimore, Danny Garcia and Melyssa Ford to name a few.

Next Steps…