To Live and Die In Bed Stuy Trailer
Jacinto Taras Riddick as Bobby and Hisham Tafwiq as Big Ed in To Live and Die in Bed Stuy Chapter 2 “They Meet”.
Jalah Pope as Mya Johnson and Alfred E. Rutherford as Edward Daniel in To Live and Die in Bed Stuy Chapter 3 “Reflections”.
Hisham Tafwiq as Big Ed in To Live and Die in Bed Stuy Chapter 1 “Decisions”.

Fueled by his obligations to the streets and revenge, Slim is put in the dubious position of avenging his brother’s death against “Big Ed,” one of the most ruthless and connected men in the neighborhood. Big Ed is forced to settle a beef with Slim’s brother that has a fatal conclusion. The streets of Brooklyn run red with blood as these two men wage war and do their best to defend their honor.

The story takes a complex twist when, Big Ed’s son and heir to the “Drug Lord’s” empire falls in love and has second thoughts about his father’s life style in the midst of this brutal street battle.

Ghetto Eyez Publishing has entered into a licensing agreement with The Source Streaming to broadcast and stream To Live and Die in Bed Stuy The Series. Writer, producer, director and CEO of Ghetto Eyez Publishing, Joseph C. Grant, Jr. has sign a deal with L. Londell Mcmillin and his North Star Group that would maneuver Ghetto Eyez into a favorable position in the world of independent film making.

Joseph explains that once he heard that Londell was starting a streaming app under The Source brand, it was a no brainer for him as to where he was going to place his project.

“For me, it wasn’t about the name or who was going to pay me the most money,” Joseph said. “It was about respect for my project, the craft and the black culture. I didn’t want to be just another show mixed into a network that doesn’t care about my people and our stories, I wanted to be attached history. I wanted to be attached to a megaphone that can shout our stories, our way in our voice“

“It was the only logical choice,” Joseph goes on to say. “Londell’s from Bed-Stuy, I’m from Bed-Stuy, the project is about Bed-Stuy,.. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The source Streaming will introduce its app on March 1st with a soft launch. It will show over 70 pieces of content during its beta launch, with premieres of originals that include a documentary film, The Pursuit Of Greatness, and a scripted series, To Live & Die In Bed Stuy, Chapter One, “Decisions.” Currently the Source Streaming is available on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple App Store and Google Play.

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